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Sunday, March 02, 2014


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Ooh I love it!! Open shelves are so beautiful! ....but I'm thinking anytime we come with our babies we're going to have to clear off those bottom two shelves....disaster waiting to happen with babies. :)
The floor and walls look so gorgeous--great work!


Awe love the openness -- a clean look! The older grands be fine - but about the little grand babies umm I guess it could be an issues if every one is busy busy and one grand baby get away to try out the shelves for some climbing fun.. I see ahead some learning moments and eye in the back of head - wink!
I would not change my plans -- everyone will be aware and help out and keep their babies safe...in my view and it's only little dot here - but grandbabies or small child should not be allow in the kitchen alone anyway it's a dangerous place even with out open shelves,,,
Love what I see -- can't wait for the whole reveal..


I'd say put the step on the shelf. I love it. The kids will have to be taught to stay off. Plus it will help getting to the taller shelves.


Looks good, hey we have lots of real Henry's in our back yard if you want some, I would be more then happy to share my 100's with you.... I love open shelf look, but I don't have cute dishes and all the dust would call shame to my face. Looks good about the babies, put them in playpens, put up gates, Parents watch your children.....smiles....


Thanks Pam....


Thanks Heidi...I just might put that step on =)


Thanks Becca...=)


Kristeen...thanks wisdom learned =)

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