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love the adorable window cover! it's going to be amazing.


I can't wait! This is my first vacation for me in 4+ years. I'm SO ready!!!


We really are looking forward to it. I've thought of you every day the past while...all of the preparations!! You are amazing. And all you are doing to bring some fun, beauty, joy, inspiration...and just a 'lift' to others is a beautiful thing. Good luck...


We are truly so blessed to have you selfless ladies who have put so much into this weekend just to ensure it is nothing less than amazing for all of us. What a treat it is to have you in our lives as you beautify our memories that we'll make. Can't wait to see your gorgeous self Teresa!!! It's been far too long!


Love the little window dressing ....adorable ! I am soo looking forward to Saturday ! You ladies are amazing and awesome! Thank you so much for working so hard to put on the Vintage Spring Sorbet for all of us lucky ladies. See you soon! :) ( Yay Teresa...no rain predicted for Saturday ;D)

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